Slide Vision : Audacity. Innovation. Future. Working at Edilex means sharing an innovation mindset and showing audacity through your ideas. We seek curious individuals who are passionate about learning and achieving excellence. Our teams work closely together and are composed of creative people from various backgrounds who strive to accomplish our mission : Reinvent how we practice law. Team : Multidisciplinary. Collaborative. Creative. We offer our employees the confidance and the environment necessary to their self-fulfillment and the opportunity to bring a real contribution to our projects. We wage the level of engagement as a measure of success. Fulfillment : Specialization. Trust. Commitment. Working at Edilex means working in a friendly environment every day. Various activities and a catering service help build stronger ties and improve the quality of life while at work. Workplace dynamic : Activities. Synergy. Belonging. Why choose a career at Edilex?